tidyquant 1.0.3


tidyquant 1.0.2


tidyquant 1.0.1


Bug Fixes


tidyquant 1.0.0

This is the “R for Excel Users” release. My aim is to build functionality that helps users coming from an Excel Background (background I came from). It’s important to have these users feel at home. I have a full suite of functionality to accomplish your Excel-to-R transition.


tidyquant 0.5.10

tidyquant 0.5.9

tidyquant 0.5.8

tidyquant 0.5.7

Stock Index & Exchanges

Visualizations & Color Palettes

Compatability with tidyr v1.0.0

[Potential Breaking Change] Move tidyverse to suggests

tidyquant 0.5.6

tidyquant 0.5.5

tidyquant 0.5.4

tidyquant 0.5.3

tidyquant 0.5.2

tidyquant 0.5.1

tidyquant 0.5.0

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