Adrian Correndo & Austin Pearce

The functions in the soiltestcorr package are intended to be used when analyzing the correlation between soil test values (stv) and relative yield (ry). This tutorial will introduce and demonstrate the currently available functions.

1. Installation

You can install the development version of soiltestcorr from GitHub with:

# install.packages("devtools")

Suggested packages are

library(ggplot2) # Plots
library(dplyr) # Data wrangling
library(tidyr) # Data wrangling
library(purrr) # Mapping

2. Available models in soiltestcorr:

2.1. Modified Arcsine-Log Calibration Curve

2.2. Cate & Nelson (1965)

2.3. Cate & Nelson (1971)

2.4. Linear-plateau

2.5. Quadratic-plateau

2.6. Mitscherlich