soiltestcorr 2.1.1

Maintenance update fixing minor details in documentation after feedback from CRAN submission of v2.1.0. Changes include: i) adding references in DESCRIPTION, functions, and vignettes; and ii) removing brackets from examples (replacing ‘dontrun’ by ‘donttest’).

Previous versions

soiltestcorr 2.1.0

Maintenance update fixing minor typos on vignettes (linear_plateau(), quadratic_plateau(), mitscherlich()), fixed bugs on examples within functions cate_nelson_1965(), cate_nelson_1971(), quadratic_plateau(), and mitscherlich().

Soiltestcorr v2.0.2 is maintenance update fixing minor bugs related to checks before CRAN submission (e.g. spelling check, links, data source URLs, DOIs, etc.)

Previous versions

Major: soiltestcorr v2.0.1 fixes the versioning of the package (this version was previously named as v1.0.7); it introduces the Mitscherlich response model, and it introduces the the “target” argument into linear_plateau() and quadratic_plateau() functions, allowing to estimate critical soil test values for relative yields different than the plateau level.

Minor: added ‘Date’ field on DESCRIPTION file, removed unused Imports-packages from Description file, fixed DOI source of ‘data_test.Rd’ and ‘freitas.Rd’.

Patch: fixes some minor typos in the comments within the functions.