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The R package requiRements provides utility functions used to access a running Mainzelliste-Instance.


The development version can be installed using

devtools::install_github("joundso/requirements", ref = "development")

Basic functions

Install some packages providing a single string

## Test it with a string:
demo_string <- "
# this_one_will_be_ignored
requiRements::install(packages = demo_string)

Install some packages providing a string vector

## Test it with a vector:
demo_vec <-
    "# this_one_will_be_ignored"
requiRements::install(packages = demo_vec)

Install some packages providing a file containing the packagenames

## Test it with a file:
demo_path <- "./data-raw/requirements.txt"
requiRements::install(path_to_requirements = demo_path)

Install some packages with a string AND a file

:bulb: Using the above defined variables demo_string, demo_vec and demo_path:

## Test it with a string AND a file:
requiRements::install(packages = demo_string,
                      path_to_requirements = demo_path)

## Test it with a vector AND a file:
requiRements::install(packages = demo_vec,
                      path_to_requirements = demo_path)

Supported syntax

Platform Syntax Example
CRAN packagename requiRements::install(packages = "data.table")
GitHub user/repo-name requiRements::install(packages = "joundso/mainzelliste-connector")
GitHub with Branch/Reference user/repo-name@ref requiRements::install(packages = "miracum/misc-dizutils@development")

:bulb: You can improve this package

–> Feel free to create an issue or (even better) a pull request. :pray: Thanks in advance!

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