ggh4x 0.2.1

This is a patch release fixing a few bugs and a broken unit test.

ggh4x 0.2.0


Facets have largely been refactored. Accordingly, the vignette has been updated to reflect the latest changes.


The previously existing facet_wrap2() now has the trim_blank option to force nrow and ncol argument if these exceed the number of rows or columns needed to place all the panels. Thanks to @coolbutuseless for letting me steal the idea from the {facetious} package. The facet_wrap2() function was already used to offer more options over axis drawing.


In addition, the cousin facet_grid2() makes an entrance. It offers the same axis drawing extensions as facet_wrap2(), but for the grid layout. Moreover, it allows for independent scales across rows and columns, which is a constraint in ggplot2::facet_grid().

Nested facets

Besides facet_nested_wrap() inheriting from facet_wrap2(), which was already the case, now facet_nested() also inherits from facet_grid2() to make use of the extended axis drawing options. Also, the nest_line argument now takes a element_line() or element_blank() to draw the indicator instead of the logical(1) argument it took previously. The bleed argument has been moved from the nested facet to the new strip_nested() function (see below).


New in the family of facets is now facet_manual(): a facet that can take a user specified design for a layout and populate the panels accordingly.


The facet functions in ggh4x now have strip arguments, which can be used with new strip_*() functions that control how the strips are drawn. For now, they come in the following three variants:

Other changes


ggh4x 0.1.1

ggh4x 0.0.1