elasticIsing: Ising Network Estimation using Elastic Net and k-Fold Cross-Validation

Description: Uses k-fold cross-validation and elastic-net regularization to estimate the Ising model on binary data. Produces 3D plots of the cost function as a function of the tuning parameter in addition to the optimal network structure.

Version: 0.2
Imports: magrittr, glmnet, reshape2, cvTools, qgraph, methods
Suggests: IsingSampler, akima
Published: 2016-09-11
Author: Sacha Epskamp
Maintainer: Sacha Epskamp <mail at sachaepskamp.com>
License: GPL-2
Copyright: see file COPYRIGHTS
URL: github.com/SachaEpskamp/IsingSampler
NeedsCompilation: no
In views: Psychometrics
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Reference manual: elasticIsing.pdf


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