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This R package contains the code to generate a dynamic TOPMODEL from GIS data. A related package for computing dynamic TOPMODEL simulations can be found here.

These two packages are intended as successors to the original Dynamic TOPMODEL implementation in R; the dynatopmodel package. Currently (as a design choice) not all the features of the original package are implemented.

If there is a feature or improvement you want or you experience problems please raise an issue (or better still submit a pull request with alterations or fixes!) rather than contact the maintainers directly in the first instance.

Thanks goes to: * Peter Metcalfe who developed the original port of Dynamic TOPMODEL to R during his PhD sponsored by the JBA Trust. * The NERC Q-NFM project (NE/R004722/1) at Lancaster University for supporting this update to dynatop. * The original developers of Dynamic TOPMODEL, Keith Beven and Jim Freer, who contributed to the original R port of Dynamic TOPMODEL.

Using the code

Currently the packages are not available on CRAN. They can be installed from within R using the devtools package:


Prebuild packages (usually including the latest version) are available from the waternumbers drat repository here.