TileManager 0.4.0

Major update to TileManager! This version is not backwards compatible. View new README file for a tour of the new features.

TileManager 0.3.0

Removed the TileInput, TileApply, TempTiles and removeTempTiles functions. These functions were intended to help incorporate tiling into other packages, but I have concluded that they were poorly thought-out and that it is best to allow users to decide exactly how they want to implement tiling. With that in mind, I would like to make TileScheme the main focus of this package.

TileManager 0.2.0

Added an S3 tileScheme object class with a plot method.

TileManager 0.1.1

Replaced ‘paste’ with ‘file.path’ for constructing file paths in the ‘TempTiles’ and ‘removeTempTiles’ functions. This will hopefully fix a bug whereby temporary files are left behind on POSIX file systems.

TileManager 0.1.0