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An R package for Bayesian spatial and spatio-temporal regression using sparse multi-resolution matrices. This package includes functions for setting up the multi-resolution process and a function mcmc_mra() for fitting a spatial model using Markov Chain Monte Carlo. For details about the model and an example using simulated data, see vignette("BayesMRA").


Package Installation

If this is your first time installing this package, make sure you have the appropriate compiler.

Installation from gitHub using devtools

To install the package from gitHub, make sure you have the appropriate compiler. Next, make sure you have the devtools package installed. You can install the devtools package using


Once the devtools library is installed, you can install the BayesMRA library using


Note: It is recommended to regularly check for updates by using devtools::install_github("jtipton25/BayesMRA") frequently as this package is in active development and regularly undergoes large changes

Installation from CRAN

Installation from CRAN is not currently supported (hopefully coming soon).

Make sure you have the appropriate compiler