The area potentially available of trees is calculated from mapped forest stands. This is done by computing a rasterized version of ‘Weighted Voronoi Diagrams’ using a an approximation of the trees competitive ability (e.g., crown radius, leaf area) as weight. The main output are Raster* objects from the raster package that are stored together with the raw data in apa_list’s, the main class of the APAtree package. Aggregation functions are provided to calculate the most important stand characteristics based on APA-maps.


Currently, only installation from github is possible



After Installing, see the package Vignette for details (vignette("APAtree-vignette", package = "APAtree"))

Additionally, the scripts to produce some of the Figures in Glatthorn (accepted) can be found in the folder paste0(path.package("APAtree"), "/glatthorn_2021").


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