The aim of this document is to keep track of the changes made to the different versions of the R package pencal.

The numbering of package versions follows the convention a.b.c, where a and b are non-negative integers, and c is a positive integer. When minor changes are made to the package, a and b are kept fixed and only c is increased. Major changes to the package, instead, are made apparent by changing a or b.

Each section of this document corresponds to a major change in the package - in other words, within a section you will find all those package versions a.b.x where a and b are fixed whereas x = 1, 2, 3, … Each subsection corresponds to a specific package version.


pencal 1.1.0


pencal 1.0.2

pencal 1.0.1

pencal 1.0.0


pencal 0.4.2

pencal 0.4.1


pencal 0.3.2

pencal 0.3.1


pencal 0.2.2

pencal 0.2.1


pencal 0.1.2

pencal 0.1.1