development version

deeptime 0.2.1

Updated built-in timescales

deeptime 0.2.0

Several new features and bug fixes.

deeptime 0.1.0

First minor release (released on CRAN!)

deeptime 0.0.6

Several bug fixes and minor features.

deeptime 0.0.5

Added coord_geo(), which is a coordinate system for ggplot2 that allows for adding highly customized timescales to ggplot objects. Both gggeo_scale() and gggeo_scale_old are preserved but will receive notably less maintenance moving forward.

deeptime 0.0.4

ggarrange2() now accepts geo_scale objects and other grobified ggplots

deeptime 0.0.3

Minor release for bug fixes

deeptime 0.0.2

Complete redesign of gggeo_scale() that adds the scale outside of the plotting space using gtable. The old version of gggeo_scale() is preserved as gggeo_scale_old().

deeptime 0.0.1

First full release. Adds scale onto the bottom of a ggplot.