CRAN Package Check Results for Package networkscaleup

Last updated on 2022-04-08 01:48:52 CEST.

Flavor Version Tinstall Tcheck Ttotal Status Flags
r-devel-linux-x86_64-debian-gcc 0.1-1 1819.27 329.15 2148.42 NOTE
r-devel-linux-x86_64-fedora-clang 0.1-1 3285.55 NOTE
r-devel-linux-x86_64-fedora-gcc 0.1-1 3642.39 NOTE
r-devel-windows-x86_64-new-UL 0.1-1 1028.00 444.00 1472.00 NOTE
r-release-linux-x86_64 0.1-1 0.02 12.43 12.45 ERROR

Check Details

Version: 0.1-1
Check: for GNU extensions in Makefiles
Result: NOTE
    GNU make is a SystemRequirements.
Flavors: r-devel-linux-x86_64-debian-gcc, r-devel-linux-x86_64-fedora-clang, r-devel-linux-x86_64-fedora-gcc, r-devel-windows-x86_64-new-UL

Version: 0.1-1
Check: installed package size
Result: NOTE
     installed size is 177.3Mb
     sub-directories of 1Mb or more:
     libs 176.5Mb
Flavors: r-devel-linux-x86_64-fedora-clang, r-devel-windows-x86_64-new-UL

Version: 0.1-1
Check: dependencies in R code
Result: NOTE
    Namespaces in Imports field not imported from:
     ‘RcppParallel’ ‘rstantools’
     All declared Imports should be used.
Flavors: r-devel-linux-x86_64-fedora-clang, r-devel-linux-x86_64-fedora-gcc

Version: 0.1-1
Check: whether package can be installed
Result: ERROR
    Installation failed.
Flavor: r-release-linux-x86_64