Introduction to ‘scatterPlotMatrix’


Basic usage (dataset uses factor type)


‘Species’ column is of factor type and has box representation for its categories.

zAxisDim argument (referenced column is categorical)

scatterPlotMatrix(iris, zAxisDim = "Species")

Each point has a color depending of its ‘Species’ value.

categoricalCS argument

scatterPlotMatrix(iris, zAxisDim = "Species", categoricalCS = "Set1")

Colors used for categories are not the same as previously (supported values: Category10, Accent, Dark2, Paired, Set1).

zAxisDim argument (referenced column is continuous)

scatterPlotMatrix(iris, zAxisDim = "Sepal.Length")

Each point has a color depending of its ‘Sepal.Length’ value.

continuousCS argument

scatterPlotMatrix(iris, zAxisDim = "Sepal.Length", continuousCS = "YlOrRd")

Colors used for points are not the same as previously (supported values: Blues, RdBu, YlGnBu, YlOrRd, Reds).

corrPlotType argument

scatterPlotMatrix(iris, zAxisDim = "Species", corrPlotType = "Text", corrPlotCS = "YlGnBu")

Correlation plots uses simple texts instead of circle tree maps as previously (supported values: Circles, Text)

Basic usage (dataset doesn’t use factor type)


Several columns are of numerical type but should be of factor type (for example ‘cyl’).

categorical argument

categorical <- list(NULL, c(4, 6, 8), NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, c(0, 1), c(0, 1), 3:5, 1:8)
scatterPlotMatrix(mtcars, categorical = categorical, zAxisDim = "cyl")

‘cyl’ and four last columns have a box representation for its categories (use top slider to see the last three columns).

distribType argument

scatterPlotMatrix(iris, zAxisDim = "Species", distribType = 1)

Distribution plots are of type ‘density plot’ (instead of histogram).

regressionType argument

scatterPlotMatrix(iris, zAxisDim = "Species", regressionType = 1)

Add linear regression plots.

rotateTitle argument

scatterPlotMatrix(iris, zAxisDim = "Species", rotateTitle = TRUE)

Column names are rotated (can be useful for long column names).

columnLabels argument

columnLabels <- gsub("\\.", "<br>", colnames(iris))
scatterPlotMatrix(iris, zAxisDim = "Species", columnLabels = columnLabels)

Given names are displayed in place of column names found in dataset;
is used to insert line breaks.