projpred 2.0.2

We have fully rewritten the internals in several ways. Most importantly, we now leverage maximum likelihood estimation to third parties depending on the reference model’s family. This allows a lot of flexibility and extensibility for various models. Functionality wise, the major updates since the last release are:

projpred 1.1.4

Better validation of function arguments.

projpred 1.1.3

Added print methods for vsel and cvsel objects. Added AUC statistics for binomial family. A few additional minor patches.

projpred 1.1.2

Removed the dependency on the rngtools package.

projpred 1.1.1

This version contains only a few patches, no new features to the user.

projpred 1.1.0

New features

Bug fixes

projpred 1.0.0

New features and improvements

projpred 0.9.0

New features and improvements

Bug fixes

projpred 0.8.0 and earlier

Until this version, we did not keep record of the changes between different versions. Started to do this from version 0.9.0 onwards.