mvMORPH 1.1.4

+ model BMM in mvgls
+ "predict" function for mvgls
+ plot function for mvgls objects
+ dfa on gls fit (beta)
+ fix typo in mvSHIFT output print 
+ fix error in estimation of OU with n-ultrametric trees in mvgls + new adjusted bounds for parameters search
+ fix typo in summary.mvgls print option in the calculation of the AIC.
+ handling of design matrices with deficient ranks in regressions

mvMORPH 1.1.3

+ CRAN request to remove the export statements for S3 classes
+ replace is.binary.tree to is.binary.phylo, the former being deprecated from "ape".
+ fix error in mvSHIFT. The wrong values were returned (but not printed) for "beta" in BMEB models.

mvMORPH 1.1.2

+ replaced "F" by "FALSE" in example files to follow CRAN policies
+ optimization of some diagonal matrices computations
+ bug fix in mvSIM (SHIFT model without simmap tree provided)

mvMORPH 1.1.1

+  update help pages of various functions
+  Bugs fixes for bounds in the parameter search in "mvgls", and missing values estimation in "estim" with OU1 model.
+  manova.gls: MANOVA methods and multivariate statistics based on ML (n<p) and PL (any p) model fit.
+  Phyllostomid dataset from Monteiro & Nogueira (2011)
+  EIC: function to compute the EIC score for both ML and PL techniques (class mvgls)

mvMORPH 1.1.0

+ mvgls: a multivariate GLS function based on ML (n<p) and PL (any p).
+ mvgls.pca: a function to perform PCA on serially correlated data.
+ GIC: function to compute the GIC score for both ML and PL techniques (class mvgls)
+ suite of functions to use with mvgls
+ Bug fix for "mvSIM" with sparse methods and speed-up for "BM1" model.
+ Typo fix in testLRT
+ Typo fix in weight-matrix-mvmorph.c (indexing of variable)
+ add options for the pruning algorithm.
+ fix error with NA values for the mvOU function.

mvMORPH 1.0.9

+ Registration of compiled codes
+ New pruning algorithm to compute the determinant and square root matrix
+ Bugs fixes in "estim" for ancestral state reconstructions with OU models and "smean=FALSE" option.
+ Bug fix for "estim" with univariate data.
+ Corrected bug in mvSIM.
+ Fix bug with matrix parametrization "equaldiagonal".
+ add the "svd" option for simulating traits in mvSIM.
+ Bug fix in "mvEB".

mvMORPH 1.0.8

+ Allows estimating the missing cases (NA)
+ Allows estimating trends
+ User defined constrained models and parameterizations  
+ Return the log-likelihood function
+ Simulating traits on package vignette
+ Multivariate models for time-series (TS)
+ Partial implementation of a tests-suite