R build status

The package aims to allow the localization of external programs such as “python”, “Google Chrome”, “node.js” and “LibreOffice” in order to be able to easily call them from R.

This makes it easier to call these programs from R from various operating systems.


#> 12.16.0
#> C:/Program Files/nodejs/node.exe
exec exec_fun available version path
node node_exec() TRUE 12.16.0 C:/Program Files/nodejs/node.exe
chrome chrome_exec() TRUE 89.0.4389.82 C:/Program Files (x86)/Google/Chrome/Application/chrome.exe
python python_exec() TRUE 3.9.1 C:/Users/dgohe/AppData/Local/Programs/Python/Python39/python.exe
libreoffice libreoffice_exec() TRUE C:/Program Files/LibreOffice/program/soffice.com
excel excel_exec() TRUE 16 C:/Program Files/Microsoft Office/root/Office16/EXCEL.exe
powerpoint powerpoint_exec() TRUE 16 C:/Program Files/Microsoft Office/root/Office16/POWERPNT.exe
pip pip_exec() TRUE 20.2.3 C:/Users/dgohe/AppData/Local/Programs/Python/Python39/Scripts/pip.exe
firefox firefox_exec() TRUE 86.0.1 C:/Program Files/Mozilla Firefox/firefox.exe
npm npm_exec() TRUE 6.13.4 C:/Program Files/nodejs/npm.cmd
word word_exec() TRUE 16 C:/Program Files/Microsoft Office/root/Office16/WINWORD.exe


This was motivated by the need for tools similar to rmarkdown::pandoc_available() and rmarkdown::pandoc_exec() but allowing to locate external programs other than pandoc.

I need to use these programs from R without having heavy dependencies. These functions will mainly be used to automate some visual tests or to improve the documentation of other packages.


You can install the CRAN version with: