Supported countries and their support status

Countries with subnational data

This map shows what countries have level 1 and level 2 subregion data directly from an official source within that country. Please note other countries may be provided through our interface to external data sources, such as WHO() and JHU().


Dataset status is shown in the table below. Please see our hosted page for up to date information for the CRAN status of data sets. Please note that due to our release schedule datasets may remain non-functional if broken using the CRAN version for some time even if fixed on GitHub. Also note that transient issues may affect our testing of datasets and so our checks may occasionally show a spurious failure.

Origin Method GitHub status CRAN status
Belgium Belgium Belgium working
Brazil Brazil Brazil working
Canada Canada Canada working
Colombia Colombia Colombia working
Covid-19 Data Hub Covid19DataHub Covid19DataHub working
Cuba Cuba Cuba working
European Centre for Disease Control (ECDC) ECDC ECDC working
European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) JRC JRC working
France France France working
Germany Germany Germany working
Google Google Google working
India India India working
Italy Italy Italy working
John Hopkins University (JHU) JHU JHU working
Lithuania Lithuania Lithuania working
Mexico Mexico Mexico working
Netherlands Netherlands Netherlands working
South Africa SouthAfrica SouthAfrica working
Switzerland Switzerland Switzerland working
United Kingdom (UK) UK UK working
United States of America (USA) USA USA working
World Health Organisation (WHO) WHO WHO working