covidregionaldata 0.9.2

This release adds support for the Covid19 Data Hub which includes Google and Apple mobility data amongst a large range of other data sets, data from the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre which is at both the regional and national level, and individual sources for regional data from several countries. Package updates have been made in line with a software review at the Journal of Open Source Software. Finally, this release exposes more of the testing infrastructure to users and adds a package hexsticker.

Thanks to @joseph-palmer, @RichardMN, and @kathsherratt for contributions towards this release.

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covidregionaldata 0.9.1

This release adds support for data sets from John Hopkins University and the Google open data project. Both of these sources aggregate a range of data at national and subnational levels. It also contains a range of small fixes and improvements to documentation. Finally, this release adds optional data processing which will be extended in future releases (contributions warmly welcomed).

Thanks to @joseph-palmer, @RichardMN, and @kathsherratt for contributions towards this release.

New features

Other changes

covidregionaldata 0.9.0

In this release covidregionaldata has been substantially retooled to be more robust, and to handle data in a more transparent way. Adding new data sets and functionality has also been made more streamlined. As this update is a substantial package refactor some breaking changes may be been inadvertently introduced. If requiring the old behaviour please install covidregionaldata@0.8.3 from GitHub.

Thanks to @joseph-palmer, @RichardMN, and @kathsherratt for major contributions to this release. Thanks to @RichardMN for volunteering his time.

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covidregionaldata 0.8.3

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covidregionaldata 0.8.2

covidregionaldata 0.7.0

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covidregionaldata 0.6.0

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