buffeRs basic use

buffeRs will create non-standard buffer geometries around an input point (created by the sf package), and has the following functions:

  1. buffer_wedge() creates a wedge-shaped geometry
  2. buffer_semicircle() creates a semicircular geometry
  3. buffer_windrose() creates a windrose shaped geometry
  4. buffer_rectangle() creates a rectangular shaped geometry
  5. buffer_square() creates a square shaped geometry

One example would be to build a wedge-shaped buffer with buffer_wedge().


plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-1

We can also create a different wedge, like this:

buffer_wedge(point = example_point, radius = 200, degree = 227, degree_width = 25) -> example_wedge2

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-2

Other geometries are similarly straightfoward, and all functions have parameters to change the radius and the angle of the object.

buffer_windrose() is more complex, and requires the input of a wind frequency table, in the format provided by openair::windRose()$data


plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-3plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-3