aurelius Basic Usage

Steven Mortimer



The purpose of this document is to demonstrate some of the functionalty provided by the aurelius package.

A Simple Example

First, we load the aurelius


Second, let’s build a simple linear regression model and convert to PFA.

# build a model
lm_model <- lm(mpg ~ hp, data = mtcars)

# convert the lm object to a list-of-lists PFA representation
lm_model_as_pfa <- pfa(lm_model)

The model can be saved as PFA JSON and used in other systems.

# save as plain-text JSON
write_pfa(lm_model_as_pfa, file = "my-model.pfa")

Just as models can be written as a PFA file, they can be read.

my_model <- read_pfa("my-model.pfa")