This package works with WebAPi of TickTrader Server.


This package use httr, jsonlite, data.table r libraries. Please install them before using.

How to install RTTWebClient?

if(!require(devtools)) {install.packages("devtools"); library(devtools)}
if(require(RTTWebClient)) {detach("package:RTTWebClient", unload=TRUE); remove.packages("RTTWebClient")}
install_github("SoftFx/TTWebClient-R",ref = "dev")   


You can use function ttInitialize to set server name and port: 1) cryptottlivewebapi.fxopen.net - TT Exchange FXOPEN WebAPI 2) ttlivewebapi.fxopen.com - TT Live WebAPI

Port is 8443 as default

To get Quotes, Bars, etc. info you should call function from R list object which was created by ttInitialize with the appropriate parameters. See code below

publicClient <- InitPublicWebClient(server = "ttlivewebapi.fxopen.com")
symbols <- publicClient$GetSymbolsInfoRawMethod()