An R package for estimating a Count Data Model With Social Interactions

The CDatanet package implements a count data model with social interactions and a dyadic linking model to deal with the endogeneity of the social network. It includes all functions for the replication of the results in Houndetoungan (2020). The exact replication codes of the Monte Carlo study are located in the folder test.



How to install

CDatanet package can be installed from this GitHub repos using the install_github function of the devtools package. All the dependencies will also be installed automatically.


The option build_vignettes = TRUE can be added if one desires to install the vignettes (this will take several minutes). ### Load CDatanet Once the installation is done, CDatanet can be loaded as a common package in R.


How to use CDatanet

I provide a vignette that fully documents the package through simple and practical examples. Moreover, each function of the package has a help page accessible using ?name-of-the-function.