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The R package intsurv contains implementations of

and other survival analysis routines, including


You may install the latest released version on CRAN by


Get Started

Examples are provided for the main functions for model-fitting in the package. One may get started from those examples and the function documentation.

?iCoxph # integrative Cox model
?cox_cure # Cox cure rate model
?cox_cure_net # regularized Cox cure rate model


If the version under development is able to pass the building check by Travis CI, you may consider installing it with the help of remotes by

if (! require(remotes)) install.packages("remotes")


Wang, W., Aseltine, R., Chen, K., & Yan, J. (2019). Integrative Survival Analysis with Uncertain Event Times in Application to a Suicide Risk Study. Annals of Applied Statistics. (in press)

Wang, W., Chen, K., Luo, C., & Yan, J. (2019+). Cox Cure Model with Uncertain Event Status with application to a Suicide Risk Study. Working in Progress.