General Engine for Eco-Evolutionary Simulations

This is the repository for the R-package of the gen3sis engine.

gen3sis is a spatially-explicit eco-evolutionary mechanistic model with a modular implementation. It allows exploring the consequences of ecological and macroevolutionary processes across realistic or theoretical spatio-temporal landscapes.

gen3sis is licensed under a GPLv3 License ETHZ 2020 <>

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How to install gen3sis

gen3sis is avabaile on CRAN. You can install the latest CRAN release via


you can also install the latest development release from GitHub via

devtools::install_github(repo = "project-gen3sis/R-package/", 
  dependencies = TRUE, build_vignettes = TRUE)

Below the status of the automatic Travis CI tests on the master branch

Build Status

How to run one simple simulation

Load and run a simulation with the desired config and landscapes. Exemple data is provided with the package


datapath <- system.file(file.path("extdata", "WorldCenter"), package = "gen3sis")

sim <- run_simulation(config = file.path(datapath, "config/config_worldcenter.R"), 
               landscape = file.path(datapath, "landscape"),
               output_directory = tempdir(),

A summary statistics is stored at ‘sim’ more data can be save using the oberver function

How to visualize a simulation

Plot the summary statistics of a simulation


Check package version

Make sure you have the latest gen3sis version

#print package version
paste("gen3sis version:", packageVersion("gen3sis"))

Package mantined by Oskar Hagen (