fcaR 1.0.7

Bugfixes: * Minor bugfixes in several functions. * Fixed C source that could generate some problems.

Enhancements: * Reduced number of dependencies. * Better printing of FormalContexts, specially for binary FormalContexts.

fcaR 1.0.6

Bugfixes: * Detect if R has been built with no long double capabilities and warn the user if she tries to plot FormalContexts and ConceptLattices.

fcaR 1.0.5

Bugfixes: * Fixes #17. The reduced set of implications after performing closure with reduce == TRUE now stores the matrix I, so it can be re-exported to the arules format.

Enhancements: * More efficient version of the simplification rule. Now it performs linearly on the number of implications. * Added a way to extend the equivalence rules by means of the registry package. This has been used to introduce the “Right Simplification” and the “Reorder” rules. * New vignette to show how to extend equivalence rules in the package. * More efficient version of the NextClosure algorithm to mine concepts and implications.

fcaR 1.0.4

Bugfixes: * Fixes #15. A problem with version 1.6-6 of arules. * Bugfix when using the trivial context (S, S, !=) * Several bugfixes in LaTeX output.

Enhancements: * Added export of plots to TiKZ to be included in LaTeX documents. * Faster computation of concepts and implications. * Added new function to decompose a concept in its irreducible components. * Added function to compute the canonical basis from an ImplicationSet.

fcaR 1.0.3

fcaR 1.0.2

fcaR 1.0.1

fcaR 1.0.0