elmNNRcpp ( Extreme Learning Machine )

The elmNNRcpp package is a reimplementation of elmNN using RcppArmadillo after the elmNN package was archived. Based on the documentation of the elmNN it consists of, “Training and predict functions for SLFN ( Single Hidden-layer Feedforward Neural Networks ) using the ELM algorithm. The ELM algorithm differs from the traditional gradient-based algorithms for very short training times ( it doesn’t need any iterative tuning, this makes learning time very fast ) and there is no need to set any other parameters like learning rate, momentum, epochs, etc.”. More details can be found in the package Documentation, Vignette and blog-post.

To install the package from CRAN use,


and to download the latest version from Github use the install_github function of the devtools package,


Use the following link to report bugs/issues,