RcppXsimd: Xsimd C++ Header-Only Library Files

This header-only library provides modern, portable C++ wrappers for SIMD intrinsics and parallelized, optimized math implementations (SSE, AVX, NEON, AVX512). By placing this library in this package, we offer an efficient distribution system for Xsimd <https://github.com/QuantStack/xsimd> for R packages using CRAN.

Version: 7.1.4
Imports: Rcpp (≥ 1.0.0)
LinkingTo: Rcpp
Suggests: testthat
Published: 2019-07-18
Author: Marc A. Suchard [aut, cre], Andrew J. Holbrook [aut], Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics [cph], Johan Mabille [cph, ctb] (author and copyright holder of Xsimd library under a BSD-3 license), Sylvain Corlay [cph, ctb] (author and copyright holder of Xsimd library under a BSD-3 license), Alexander J. Lee [cph, ctb] (author and copyright holder of FeatureDetector library under a CC0 1.0 license)
Maintainer: Marc A. Suchard <msuchard at ucla.edu>
License: BSD_3_clause + file LICENSE
NeedsCompilation: yes
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Reference manual: RcppXsimd.pdf
Package source: RcppXsimd_7.1.4.tar.gz
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