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RavenR is an R package for handling Raven hydrologic modelling framework inputs, outputs, and diagnostics. Please contact Robert Chlumsky ( or Dr. James Craig ( for any troubleshooting, bug fixes, or recommendations on future releases.


You can install RavenR from github with:

# install.packages("devtools")

Tutorials and Quick Start Guide

Please see the vignettes or pdf folder for RavenR Tutorials and Quick Start Guides. Sample data is included in the package, so you need only to install the RavenR library and follow along in the guide documents to get started.

**Note that as of v1.2, the vignettes are out of date and will be updated in the next update.

RavenR Wishlist

Any issues or feature requests can be submitted on Github via the Issues tab. You may also submit feature requests directly to Robert Chlumsky ( via email.

Dependency Installs

Note that some of the package dependencies may require the installation of programs outside of R, particularly for Linux users. Refer to specific function helps on how to install various package materials, such as ImageMagick.

Version Update Notes


Major updates to the package, including core package styling such as function case, naming conventions, and use of ggplot2 libraries for plotting. Some of these include:

The version 2.0.0 of this package will be submitted to CRAN shortly, and is currently passing R CMD CHECK.