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My personal favourite R templates for doing reproducible data analyses.

Available Themes


From CRAN:


Note that the template example reports use the libraries DT, ggplot2 and xfun, so you will to install them if you want to see a working example.


Once the templates are installed, you can use them in 2 ways:

  1. Within the R Markdown templates in RStudio: File > New File > R Markdown... > From Template.
  2. By calling the create_rtemp() function which allows you to create a new directory with all the template files inside, ready to be used/rendered.


United HTML Theme

rtemps::create_rtemp(dirname = "new-dir", template = "united_html")
rmarkdown::render(input = "new-dir/index.Rmd", output_format = "html_document", output_dir = "new-dir")

Bookdown Lite Theme

Of course, you can always just use the build_book.sh script to render the book directly as in the commands below (for Linux users):

Rscript -e "rtemps::create_rtemp(dirname = 'new-dir', template = 'bookdown_lite')"
cd new-dir
Rscript -e "bookdown::render_book(input = 'index.Rmd', output_format = 'bookdown::gitbook')"

For Windows users, simply execute the previous commands inside an R session:

rtemps::create_rtemp(dirname = 'new-dir', template = 'bookdown_lite')
cd new-dir # or the Windows equivalent :)
bookdown::render_book(input = 'index.Rmd', output_format = 'bookdown::gitbook')

The last command is inside the provided build_book.sh file.