abind: Combine Multidimensional Arrays

Combine multidimensional arrays into a single array. This is a generalization of 'cbind' and 'rbind'. Works with vectors, matrices, and higher-dimensional arrays. Also provides functions 'adrop', 'asub', and 'afill' for manipulating, extracting and replacing data in arrays.

Version: 1.4-5
Depends: R (≥ 1.5.0)
Imports: methods, utils
Published: 2016-07-21
Author: Tony Plate and Richard Heiberger
Maintainer: Tony Plate <tplate at acm.org>
License: LGPL-2 | LGPL-2.1 | LGPL-3 [expanded from: LGPL (≥ 2)]
NeedsCompilation: no
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In views: Multivariate
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Reference manual: abind.pdf
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Reverse dependencies:

Reverse depends: abctools, baySeq, BCBCSF, CNORdt, CPMCGLM, depth, dgmb, dynamo, FISHalyseR, flowMap, fractaldim, informR, interplot, magic, mlogitBMA, multicon, MultiPhen, multipol, mvmesh, mvSLOUCH, plfm, RcmdrPlugin.EACSPIR, RcmdrPlugin.EBM, riboSeqR, RNAinteract, simSummary, smfsb, spatialfil, SphericalCubature, stars, wux, zoib
Reverse imports: agroclim, alleHap, arm, Arothron, autoBagging, bamp, BayesComm, bayesPop, BayesS5, BEclear, berryFunctions, biomod2, blin, bootnet, boral, brainGraph, brms, car, Cascade, CFC, ClimDown, cocoreg, colordistance, COMPASS, cope, cSEM, CSTools, diceR, DLMtool, DmelSGI, DMwR, easyNCDF, EBImage, elementR, eventstream, factoextra, fastshap, fic, fishpond, flowcatchR, ForecastFramework, funData, furrowSeg, gdimap, georob, geostatsp, geoviz, ggimg, ggspatial, GGUM, Gmisc, gsynth, GWEX, h5vc, HH, HiLDA, HLSM, Hmsc, iCARH, integIRTy, kamila, kgschart, latentnet, LeMaRns, LSDinterface, LSDsensitivity, MachineShop, magclass, MAST, mbest, mcmcderive, mcmcr, merTools, MFPCA, micemd, microsamplingDesign, mlVAR, MM, MonteCarlo, mrfDepth, MSEtool, ncdf.tools, NetLogoR, NetRep, NetworkChange, neurobase, neuroim, nlist, oceanmap, OncoBayes2, openCR, OpenRepGrid, origami, oro.nifti, PAIRADISE, patternize, Patterns, pcalg, PCMBaseCpp, PLMIX, poliscidata, pssm, psychonetrics, pwrEWAS, qgraph, quantspec, R2jags, ragt2ridges, Rcmdr, RcmdrMisc, RCMIP5, rerddapXtracto, rfPermute, RItools, rma.exact, RNCEP, RNOmni, rosm, rrscale, rSHAPE, rstap, rtide, s2dv, s2dverification, scTensor, secr, secrdesign, segmentSeq, SelectBoost, smacpod, snfa, SpaCCr, spagmix, spant, SparseTSCGM, spatial.tools, spatstat, SpecDetec, spectral.methods, ssdtools, startR, telefit, treeclim, Umatrix, wavScalogram, xLLiM, ZVCV
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