Compliance Documentation

Peter Hurford


Compliance documentation is a premium add-on product to DataRobot. It allows users to automatically generate and download documentation to assist with deploying models in highly regulated industries.

Connect to DataRobot

To explore compliance documentation, let’s first connect to DataRobot. First, you must load the DataRobot R package library.

If you have set up a credentials file, library(datarobot) will initialize a connection to DataRobot automatically. Otherwise, you can specify your endpoint and apiToken as in this example to connect to DataRobot directly. For more information on connecting to DataRobot, see the “Introduction to DataRobot” vignette.

endpoint <- "https://<YOUR DATAROBOT URL GOES HERE>/api/v2"
ConnectToDataRobot(endpoint = endpoint, token = apiToken)

Download Compliance Documentation

To download compliance documentation for a particular model, call DownloadComplianceDocumentation on a particular model and specify a filepath to download the documentation to. Note that it downloads in DOCX format.

DownloadComplianceDocumentation(model, "path/to/filename.docx")

Creating a Custom Template

You can also use your own custom compliance documentation templates.

The Default Template

First, let’s get the default template. This can be done just by using GetComplianceDocTemplate. It downloads as a JSON file.


Updating the Default Template

A common workflow for building your own template is downloading the default template and modifying it.

# ...then modify the compliance doc template in your favorite editor.
UploadComplianceDocTemplate(name = "myNewTemplate", filename = "path/to/modified_file.json")

Alternatively, you can construct a template via a list:

sections <- list(list("title" = "Missing Values Report",
                      "highlightedText" = "NOTICE",
                      "regularText" = "This dataset had a lot of Missing Values. See the chart below: {{missingValues}}",
                      "type" = "user"),
                 list("title" = "Blueprints",
                      "regularText" = "{{blueprintDiagram}} /n Blueprint for this model",
                      "type" = "user"))
UploadComplianceDocTemplate(name = "myNewTemplateFromSections", sections = sections)

You can then get and download your template:

myTemplate <- ListComplianceDocTemplates(namePart = "myNewTemplateFromSections")[[1]]

Creating Custom Compliance Documentation from Custom Template

Once you have a custom template made, you can use it to create custom compliance documentation:

myTemplate <- ListComplianceDocTemplates(namePart = "myNewTemplate")[[1]]
CreateComplianceDocumentation(model, myTemplate)