An R package for downloading CSO data.

The csodata package allows for easily downloading CSO (Central Statistics Office, the statistics agency of Ireland) StatBank data into R. It also includes multiple functions for examining the metadata of tables in the StatBank, as well as a function to download geographic data in the ESRI vector format from the cso website.

StatBank is the Central Statistics Office’s (CSO) online database of Official Statistics. This database contains current and historical data series compiled from CSO statistical releases and is accessed here. A tutorial explaining and illustrating how to navigate to the StatBank and how to search the StatBank by keyword or theme can be found here:. This tutorial also demonstrates how a user can create, edit and download a table from the StatBank. The CSO StatBank Application Programming Interface (API), which is accessed in this package, provides access to StatBank data in JSON-stat format. This dissemination tool allows developers machine to machine access to CSO StatBank data.


Graeme Walsh (2018). statbanker R package version 6.2.0. For inspiration and code used for reshaping tables.