The latest release of the MSEtool package is available on CRAN.

MSEtool 1.4.3

Updates to SRA_scope

MSEtool 1.4.1

MSEtool 1.4.0

Updates to SRA_scope


MSEtool 1.3.0

Updates to SRA_scope

Assessment models

Other edits

MSEtool 1.2.1

MSEtool 1.2.0

For the new features described below, DLMtool version 5.3.1 is recommended.


Assessment models

Quite a few additions and changes have been made to the Assessment models. See the help manual and vignettes for descriptions of these new Assessment functions.

Other edits and additions, including:

MSEtool 1.1.0

New additions, including:

Minor edits, including:

MSEtool 1.0.0