An S3 class with methods for totally ordered indexed observations. It is particularly aimed at irregular time series of numeric vectors/matrices and factors. zoo's key design goals are independence of a particular index/date/time class and consistency with ts and base R by providing methods to extend standard generics.

Maintainer: Achim Zeileis <Achim.Zeileis at>

Author(s): Achim Zeileis*, Gabor Grothendieck*, Jeffrey A. Ryan*, Felix Andrews*

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Depends R (>= 2.10.0), stats
Imports utils, graphics, grDevices, lattice(>=0.20-27)
Suggests coda, chron, DAAG, fts, ggplot2, mondate, scales, strucchange, timeDate, timeSeries, tis, tseries, xts
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AER, AutoSEARCH, bdrift, betategarch, bsts, caschrono, changepoint, dendrometeR, dtwSat, dyn, dynlm, eDMA, egcm, EIAdata, EloRating, EnvCpt, Evapotranspiration, eventstudies, fast, FinancialInstrument, FinTS, FLIM, fts, fxregime, gamlss.util, GAS, geotopbricks, gets, ggseas, glogis, highfrequency, hydroGOF, hydroTSM, IBrokers, lgarch, lmtest, mar1s, meteoForecast, Modalclust, mvLSW, PortfolioAnalytics, QoLR, quantmod, RcmdrPlugin.temis, rdatamarket, reGenotyper, RelValAnalysis, RJSDMX, RObsDat, rts, sde, solaR, Strategy, StreamMetabolism, strucchange, SWMPr, tgram, trackeR, VideoComparison, xts, yuima, zoocat
acc, ACDm, AcousticNDLCodeR, acss, BETS, bfast, BigVAR, carx,, covmat, creditr, DBEST, diskImageR, DMwR, DMwR2, dygraphs, dynatopmodel, ecd, elementR, eyetrackingR, FDboost, forecast, gazepath, gdpc, ggpmisc, grattan, GSSE, gstat, gtrendsR, gunsales, haploReconstruct, hddtools, highcharter, hydroPSO, hyfo, iemisc, iki.dataclim, imputeTestbench, inegiR, kehra, lfl, lfstat, LICORS, Luminescence, mafs, manifestoR, metacoder, mlogit, mptools, MSGARCH, msltrend, nanotime, nparACT, obAnalytics, partialAR, party, pdfetch, PerformanceAnalytics, plm, plotKML, PortfolioEffectHFT, PortRisk, preprocomb, prophet, psd, PWFSLSmoke, qrmtools, Quandl, quantspec, rasterVis, RmarineHeatWaves, rmgarch, RQuantLib, rugarch, sandwich, scidb, seasonalview, sfc, sirad, smooth, snht, sophisthse, spacetime, statcomp, STI, STMedianPolish, stremr, survMisc, sysid, syuzhet, tableone, tawny, tawny.types, TED, termstrc, tidyquant, tigerhitteR, timeseriesdb, translateSPSS2R, trib, tripEstimation, TSdist, tseries, TSmisc, TSsql, TTAinterfaceTrendAnalysis, TTR, vcrpart, Wats, worldmet
atsd, bamlss, broom, copula, data.table, ETLUtils, FatTailsR, fda, funData, ggfortify, GGIR, glarma, gsubfn, h5, latticeExtra, lava, ltxsparklines, meboot, mondate, pander, playwith, pscl, quantreg, Rblpapi, RcppRoll, rdefra, tframePlus, tolBasis, TScompare, TSdata, TSdbi, TSfame, TSMySQL, TSodbc, TSPostgreSQL, TSSQLite, UsingR, XLConnect, xtable, zenplots
chron, lubridate, tis
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Package zoo
Task Views Econometrics , Environmetrics , Finance , TimeSeries
Version 1.7-14
Published 2016-12-19
License GPL-2 | GPL-3
NeedsCompilation yes
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Package source zoo_1.7-14.tar.gz