A minimal set of predicates and assertions used by the assertive package. This is mainly for use by other package developers who want to include run-time testing features in their own packages. End-users will usually want to use assertive directly.


Manual: assertive.base.pdf
Vignette: None available.

Maintainer: Richard Cotton <richierocks at gmail.com>

Author(s): Richard Cotton*, Sunkyu Choi*, Ivanka Skakun*, Gergely Dar<c3><b3>czi*, Anton Antonov*, Hisham Ben Hamidane*, Anja Billing*, Aditya Bhagwat*, Rasmus B<c3><a5><c3><a5>th*, Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel*, Aspasia Chatziefthymiou*

Install package and any missing dependencies by running this line in your R console:


Depends R (>= 3.0.0)
Imports methods, utils
Suggests testthat
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Package assertive.base
URL https://bitbucket.org/richierocks/assertive.base
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Version 0.0-7
Published 2016-12-30
License GPL (>= 3)
BugReports https://bitbucket.org/richierocks/assertive.base/issues
NeedsCompilation no
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Package source assertive.base_0.0-7.tar.gz